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New chapter of Smart and Sassy, the new chapter is Converging. It's AU because we find out later that Megan STILL hasn't gotten a ride in Larry's car, which is a shame because it's BEAUTIFUL.

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I'm remembering to post! Yay! Anyway, the next chapter of the Smart and Sassy story is up: Earthquake!. This is the first AU chapter. The rest are AU as well, for various reasons. Mainly because they were written before we had all of the data about Larry and Megan's relationship.

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I meant to post links to my stories on here as I posted them, but I plain forgot. So, some quick links:

Alphabet Soup: ficlets written for the Summer Alphabet Challenge that was hosted on the By the Numb3rs website, which no longer exists. All are Larry/Megan and last three chapters are a mini fic.

Daemons at CalSci and in the FBI: my daemon!au of Numb3rs. Posting these got me interested in writing more, so I may have a new chapter to put up soon-ish. Larry/Megan and Charlie/Colby.

Smart and Sassy: I'm in the progressing of posting all of the chapters for this. They're actually fics that I wrote individually, but they work well as a whole. The featured pairing here is Larry/Megan.

That's all the fics that I've posted since my last entry. I will try to be better about posting links here. It's been awhile since I've used a journal at all.

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I feel like crap today. Luckily, I was fine yesterday and the day before. My twin, who moved out in July, spent the night Wednesday night (and brought her dog), so we had a lovely family Christmas. My parents gave me a check, figuring that'd be easier than trying to figure out what I'd want (I wasn't sure what I wanted!). A friend gave me a shirt that said 'I'm not lazy. I'm energy efficient'. XD She also gave me a scarf and socks. My twin gave me a $15 iTunes gift card. I haven't bought anything yet, but I redeemed it at least. Another friend and I are going to try to arrange to see each other sometime soon so she can give me my birthday/Christmas present.

In terms of my Master's degree, I bombed my November class (just flat-out froze and stopped doing the work), but passed my December class. My thesis class is scheduled for February and I'll re-take the November class in May (which I WILL pass!). I applied for graduation, which is on hold until I complete those last two classes. The commencement ceremony will be in June and my diploma will be conferred in July (at the earliest, given that I have that class in May). This is also means that I likely won't start teaching until August of 2016. When I mentioned that to my twin, she suggested that I consider substitute teaching. That way I have experience as a teacher (not a tutor) to put on my resume when I actually apply to community colleges for teaching positions. I can't do anything at the moment, since all the schools are on Christmas break, but I will contact the local school district about applying to be a substitute teacher in the new year.

I'm sorry I didn't do Christmas fics this year. My brain was mush from working on stuff for my class this month. I hope everyone had a great holiday and has a happy new year.
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Last month... wasn't that great for me. It was my own fault. I knew I had a class coming up, but I wasn't mentally prepared for it. For some reason, I just COULD NOT focus. I didn't post on the message boards like I should have, I didn't do the assignments. I just... crashed. Really bad. I don't have any reason for it, either. I wasn't sick. There weren't any family emergencies. I just screwed up. Bad. I knew I was going to flunk, so I contacted my advisor about re-taking the class and she said I wouldn't be able to until next May. And I'd have to pay for it out of pocket. Financial aid only pays for taking it once. I don't have a choice, though. It's REQUIRED to get my degree. However, I can still take the thesis/portfolio class in February, which she'd already put me in, so yay! I'm taking another class now and I'm keeping up better with it. I'm determined that I'll only screw up the one class.

In other news, life has been quiet. The new expansion for World of Warcraft came out and I already got one character to 100. My second one is sitting at 94(?) and I have a couple others sitting from 92 to 90. I also ordered Dragon Age: Inquisition and that has been fun, if a little heartbreaking. Well, so has Warlords of Draenor because you meet a lot of people that you've met in an earlier expansion, but they're not the same. And early access for the new Star Wars: The Old Republic expansion starts today. They'll be my rewards for working on homework. :D
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I'm still around. I wish I could say that I've been too busy to post, but that would be a lie. I've been playing a lot of Star Wars: The Old Republic. And writing fic for it. Read them here if you're interested. I started my next history class today, after a two-month leave of absence. My next class is next month, and then start on my thesis. My plan is to finish it in time to graduate in May so I can start applying for teaching jobs ASAP. For those of you who don't remember, today is [ profile] umbralillium's birthday and tomorrow is mine. The past few years, I've offered to write gift fics for anyone who wishes to make a request that I would then post on my birthday. I'm not sure if I'll be able to manage anything this year, but go ahead and make a request in the comments anyway. I'll see if I can distract my muse from SWtOR long enough to write something else. I'll try to remember to post something in December offering gift fics for Christmas.

I managed to tweak my back while stretching of all things today and it's still not 100% despite going to the chiropractor. I'm hoping a good night's sleep will help. Having a tweaked back on my birthday is NOT my idea of fun.
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I've just been incredibly distracted playing Star Wars: The Old Republic. Also writing ficlets based on my experiences with the game. Given that school tends to smush creativity, I was very glad to write anything at all. Apart from that, life has been pretty quiet for me. I hope everyone else's life has been going pretty well.

[ profile] mylodon, I turned on Bedknobs and Broomsticks and the scene with the home guard reminded me of Dad's Army. I blame you for it because I wouldn't have known about it at all if not for you. :-P
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I passed World History with a higher grade than I thought I would. *wipes forehead* Whew! On the second week of my other class. Need to sit down and do the reading. *makes a note*

None of my stories were accepted for publication. Honestly, it's kind of a relief, but things have gotten a little hectic around here lately.

The reason for that is my twin and her friend got the apartment, so we spent last Monday moving them in to the apartment. Most of the time since then has been spent prepping and painting my new room. It's beautiful! I used a steam cleaner on it last night and we're letting it dry out today and tonight. Hopefully by tomorrow, it'll be dry enough for us to move me in. It'll be nice to have my own room again! With three daughters in the family, we've all had to share more than we care for. Heck, I was sharing before I was even born! ;-)

On top of that, I ordered a new computer and it arrived yesterday afternoon (otherwise the steam cleaning would have happened then. *sheepish*). It's so much faster than my old one, better graphics, and lots more memory. Dad, Mom, and [ profile] umbralillium all commented on how big the tower is. Yes, thank you for pointing that out for me. I hadn't noticed. :-P
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Yep, still alive and kicking. I finished world history, but don't have a grade yet. The teacher gave me an extension for the final paper, so it took awhile. I start the second half of modern European history on July 7th, so a week and a half. Then I don't have another class until November. I've applied for a leave of absence to last from August to October so my financial aid won't be affected. I'll have another class in December, then my thesis (need to look when the next one is offered after December), and then I'll be done! Next step after that will be to find a teaching position. Shouldn't be a problem.

On the writing front, my Nanny fanfic clocked in at 35k+ words. Twelve chapters plus an epilogue. I finished my original story and submitted it and two others for publication. The editors are going through the submissions now, so I'm hoping to find out soon-ish. I have ideas for other stories, both fanfiction and original, but those will have to take a backseat to school.

My twin may be moving out soon. She and one of her friends looked a two-bedroom apartment on the same block as their church and it is amazingly spacious. They'd have plenty of room for themselves and their pets (one dog and two cats), and space to entertain friends. The rent is practically a steal, so they're totally going for it. They'll get the paperwork to fill out tomorrow, which they'll do and send right back. If it goes through, I'll get my twin's old room and [ profile] umbralillium will get the room we currently share all to herself. I'm hoping it will go through and not just because it'd mean my own room. My parents aren't too thrilled with the idea of her moving out, but it's going to happen eventually. I'm definitely planning on it once my finances are in the right shape for it.
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I'm still around. Just been busy with schoolwork and writing. I managed to pass my previous class, but only barely. I don't know what happened at the end there. I was just so tired and blah. I couldn't focus. This month is world history and I'm writing about the trans-Atlantic slave trade. Very depressing reading. I have no class next month, and then modern European history from 1800's onwards in July. Then two more classes after that and my thesis and then I'll be done! *falls over*

My Nanny fanfic is over 30k words and I'm finally approaching the end. Work on my original story is going a little slower, but it's coming along. I still need to get back to my novel. Maybe once my schooling settles down. I'd eventually like to get a doctorate, but that'll have to wait until I pay off some of my student loans.
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