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posted by [personal profile] jestana at 07:27pm on 25/06/2014
Yep, still alive and kicking. I finished world history, but don't have a grade yet. The teacher gave me an extension for the final paper, so it took awhile. I start the second half of modern European history on July 7th, so a week and a half. Then I don't have another class until November. I've applied for a leave of absence to last from August to October so my financial aid won't be affected. I'll have another class in December, then my thesis (need to look when the next one is offered after December), and then I'll be done! Next step after that will be to find a teaching position. Shouldn't be a problem.

On the writing front, my Nanny fanfic clocked in at 35k+ words. Twelve chapters plus an epilogue. I finished my original story and submitted it and two others for publication. The editors are going through the submissions now, so I'm hoping to find out soon-ish. I have ideas for other stories, both fanfiction and original, but those will have to take a backseat to school.

My twin may be moving out soon. She and one of her friends looked a two-bedroom apartment on the same block as their church and it is amazingly spacious. They'd have plenty of room for themselves and their pets (one dog and two cats), and space to entertain friends. The rent is practically a steal, so they're totally going for it. They'll get the paperwork to fill out tomorrow, which they'll do and send right back. If it goes through, I'll get my twin's old room and [ profile] umbralillium will get the room we currently share all to herself. I'm hoping it will go through and not just because it'd mean my own room. My parents aren't too thrilled with the idea of her moving out, but it's going to happen eventually. I'm definitely planning on it once my finances are in the right shape for it.
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