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It was the music that drew him out of his studies. The music most familiar to him was soft, sweet, and lyrical. This music, however, was sprightly, cheerful, and fast-paced. It made keeping still an impossibility. So, like any teenaged boy faced with a mystery, Vector Hyllus decided to investigate. His investigation led him to the Zabrak clan that lived outside the village. The adults were rather intimidating with their tattoos and horns, but the younger ones were more approachable, at least in Vector's opinion. Some of the other children avoided the Zabraks altogether. He didn't, because he found them interesting. At the moment, most of the clan seemed to be gathered in their common area. Some played instruments, the source of the music. Others danced together to the music. The rest stood together, either watching the dancing or talking amongst themselves.

He became so absorbed in watching that he didn't pay attention to his immediate surroundings and didn't notice anyone nearby until someone bowled him over. Rolling into a sitting position, he grimaced at the stains on his clothes. Mother will be furious with me. He looked up to see a younger Zabrak standing over him, looking contrite. She had bumps around the crown of her head, crimson skin, and developing curves. "I'm sorry. I wasn't watching where I was going."

"I shouldn't have been here in the first place," he admitted, taking the hand she offered to him and standing up. As they stood facing each other, he noticed that she was a little taller than him. Perhaps they would be the same height when they were both adults. Rather than comment on that, he continued his explanation, "I heard the music from my house in the village and had to come hear it more clearly."

"You don't have music?" She released his hand, looking in the direction of his village.

He stifled a laugh. "We do have music, but not like this. The dances we do to it are very stately and precise. Not... enthusiastic."

"Would you like to learn?" Her green eyes seemed to light up as she made the offer

Vector nodded, smiling at her eagerness. "I would, but perhaps we should introduce ourselves first? I'm Vector Hyllus."

"My name is Faz-Triz." She returned his bow with a playful one of her own. Then she took his hand and towed him into the clearing. "Now, the trick with this dance--"

* * *


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