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They emerged from their meditations with a soft gasp of surprise. They rarely remembered anything from before so clearly. Why had this memory been so clear? That's when they registered the sound of music, familiar music. Getting to their feet, they followed the sound to the training area. The agent--Fazzis, she'd told them her name when she'd announced that she was no longer an intelligence agent--stood in the middle of the room, her head bowed. The music came from a speaker on the bench off to one side. As they watched, she began to dance. Jerky and hesitant at first, her movements became smoother and more fluid.

As she sped up to match the tempo of the music, they stepped forward to dance with her. Though clearly startled by their presence, she nevertheless adjusted to their presence. They matched her every movement as a look of fierce joy spread across her face. When the music stopped, they stood stock still with their hands resting on her waist. "That was... unexpected."

"I learned that dance from a Zabrak girl when I was a teenager." They dropped their hands when she moved away to pick up the bottle of water that waited. "She was very friendly and eager to teach me."

"What was her name?" Fazzis took a long drink of water.

They clasped their hands behind their back. "Faz-Triz."

"Are you sure?" She stood very still, her back to them.

They nodded, watching her carefully. "Quite sure."

After a long moment, she swayed and pressed a hand to her temple, hissing out a word. "Dammit."

"What is it?" They moved forward, lightly touching her back.

She shook her head. "Just a migraine coming. Help me to my quarters?"

"Of course." They did as she requested, helping her settle into bed with all the lights dimmed and everything quiet. "Is there anything Dr. Lokin can do?"

Fazzis shook her head again. "No. Best thing to do is sleep it off. Thank you, Vector."

"You're welcome." They squeezed her hand and reluctantly left, pausing outside her closed door to add, "Faz-Triz."

With that, they returned to their quarters to do some research.


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