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posted by [personal profile] jestana at 10:44am on 20/04/2014
I hope today is a blessed day for everyone. If you don't believe, I hope you have a nice day at least.

Update on my class situation: I'll be doing a history class as independent study next month. It's world history, so that's pretty wide open. I'll have June off from classes, and then go back to class in July for the second half of modern European history. After that, I have two 'practicum classes' which will basically just help gear me up for my thesis. Then I'll just have my thesis to work on and then I'll be done. *falls over* Kind of wish I could learn like in the Matrix where all the knowledge can just be downloaded into your brain. *sigh*

I've managed to continue writing. I have an original story I'm working on, but it's fanfic that's eating my brain. It's for The Nanny, but the main focus is on Niles and CC. In this case, it's a college AU that was meant to be a short little thing and is no over 10k words. How'd that happen? I have a friend who's been kind enough to let me bounce ideas off her and read what I've written and just cheer me on.

Take care, everyone!
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posted by [personal profile] jestana at 01:55pm on 07/03/2014
I don't have this month off. I'm doing the class as an independent study. All I have to focus on is the paper. No textbooks, so discussion boards. Just the paper and various assignments to show that I'm working on it. After the stress of last month, this is a HUGE relief. Once I finish this class, I'll have completed six of the twelve courses I need to get my degree. I'll be halfway finished!
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posted by [personal profile] jestana at 05:03pm on 14/02/2014
Happy belated New Year everyone. *waves sheepishly* I get so caught up with what's going on in life that I forget to post here. I finished my fourth class for my Master's degree and started my fifth one. After March, I'll have finished half the classes I need. *falls over* Just have to keep slogging through everything. If it all goes as I hope it will, I'll have my degree sometime this fall. Then I can start applying for adjunct positions and finally get started teaching.

Creative writing has kind of taken a backseat to academic writing, though not completely. Durinson's Coffee, the story I wrote for [ profile] umbralillium has grown to 21 chapters and I have no idea how many more it's going to have. I also started a fic series where the dwarves can change genders almost at will. I've written five stories for it so far.
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posted by [personal profile] jestana at 07:00pm on 25/12/2013
I've written two so far. [ profile] swingandswirl, I'll write yours as soon as I can.

Title: Durinson's Coffee
Pairing/Characters: Ori, Dwalin, Balin; N/A
Rating: G
Fandom: The Hobbit
Word Count: 1,762
Spoilers: Not really.
Summary: Ori stumbles into a coffee shop to get out of the rain.
Notes/Warnings: Christmas gift to [ profile] umbralillium, inspired by this tweet from Graham McTavish. How could I resist making a coffeeshop!au? And I have ideas for a sequel already. No beta.

Read it: On LJ | On AO3

Title: By Firelight
Pairing/Characters: Thorin Oakenshield, Bilbo Baggins; Thorin/Bilbo
Rating: PG
Fandom: The Hobbit
Word Count: 601
Spoilers: Not really.
Summary: A conversation by firelight.
Notes/Warnings: Yule gift to [ profile] theshirelife, he gave me a choice of three prompts. This one is Thorin/Bilbo, fire. The idea of hobbits giving stars to their sweethearts at the end of Yule comes from a story by mithen. No beta.

Read it: On LJ | On AO3

In other news, I ate far too much at dinner.
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posted by [personal profile] jestana at 09:26am on 15/12/2013
Just trying to be more regular about updating. A lot of my fellow Tolkien fans really liked Desloation of Smaug, so I'm looking forward to it even more. I also watched the 50th Anniversary episode for Doctor Who and the story was good, but I would have liked more of the other Doctors than archive footage. Naturally, I watched the mini-sode with Paul McGann eagerly. Much as I respect and admire John Hurt, I'd have liked to see Paul in his place instead. I understand the reasoning, but still--!

Naturally looking forward to the new season of Sherlock. I'm a little sad that fans seem determined to hate Amanda Abbington for playing Mary Morstan without even giving her a chance. :-( Let's see what they do with her character before hating on her.

No takers for the Christmas/Yule drabbles. If you'd like to request one, comment on this post with fandom, pairing/character, and prompt.
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posted by [personal profile] jestana at 03:03pm on 05/12/2013
Yes, I'm still around. I spent most of October and November focused on my classes. Got Bs in both and now have a break. In time to start working again, which will probably continue until next May. Then, hopefully, I'll finish my degree by next September or October, and then start applying for adjunct teaching positions, either online or at an actual campus. No one asked for a hobbit!birthday drabble in October, which was just as well, since all the reading pretty much fried my brain for fannish stuff. Since I have this month off, however, I'll gladly write Christmas/Yule drabbles for people. Just comment with a fandom, character or pairing, and a prompt and I'll do my best to oblige by the 25th.

I had submitted a story for a holiday anthology back in October and it was turned down. I have one submitted for a WWII anthology with a deadline at the end of the month, so I won't find out if it's been accepted until next year. *bites nails* I've had this story floating around in my head for years and the anthology call gave me the impetus to get off my duff and write it. I'm still working on my novel, though school kind of short-circuited my brain for a bit there.

Since my last post, I've watched Pacific Rim and Wreck-It Ralph and have come to like them very much. I'm even ficcing for Wreck-It Ralph, though that's kind of stalled at the moment. I'm hoping that me or my younger sister or brother will get the extended edition of the Hobbit for Christmas. I've seen clips of the extra scenes and I'm really excited for them. I'm also looking forward to the Desolation of Smaug or the Desolation of Feels as some people are calling it on Tumblr.

One of our cats may have tumors in her stomach. My younger sister noticed blood in her bile right before Thanksgiving and I've sometimes noticed blood in the litter box before, though there was no way of knowing which cat left it (we have four). So, the Sunday after Thanksgiving, Mom and my sister took the cat to the vet and he felt masses in her stomach and, when he took a stool sample, he found blood there, too. The tests to determine what's wrong costs about $400 and we didn't have that kind of money. So the vet gave us some antibiotics to give the cat and a few shots. Since she's my sister's cat, she wants to do the tests anyway, because the shots and medicine were just a stopgap measure. She wants to know just how bad it is so she can decide what to do next.

Sorry to end on such a downer note, but the rest of the family is fine at least. Dad retired in October and loves the fact that he doesn't have to go out in the rain anymore. One of his friends, also retired, joined us for Thanksgiving. He and another of Dad's friends have been invited to join us for Christmas as well. I hope all is well for everyone and that the holiday season isn't getting you down.
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posted by [personal profile] jestana at 01:07pm on 08/10/2013
Still around a kicking. Just been focused on school. SO MUCH READING. That's what I get for doing a history degree online. I got an A in my class, which was History and Theory. Working on Early Modern Europe (1500-1800). We have to do a literature review and my usual areas of interest won't work: early America and World War II. So, I was kind of torn between witchcraft and early feminism. I've pretty much settled on feminism. Most of the witchcraft articles I found were focused on Africa. *headdesk* I don't know if I'll focus on a specific person for feminism or what. I have to wade through the articles I found to figure it out. Only need to review three articles by this Saturday. That's on top of the regular reading for class and discussion boards. Next month is early America. Then I get a break for December. I'll be relieved for it, I'm sure.

In other news, my birthday is at the end of the month! I'll be turning 30, eep! As per usual, I'll happily write drabbles for my friends as hobbit!birthday presents. You can check my writing journal to see what fandoms and pairings I'll write: [ profile] feline_artistry. [ profile] umbralillium always gets a birthday one from me, since her birthday is the day before mine. :D

I also got sucked into Diablo III. *sheepish* Since I signed up for a year's subscription to WoW so I could get into the MoP beta, I also got a free copy of Diablo III and I finally decided to see what it's about. I made it through the first two Acts in less than a week. The storyline is very compelling and I've come up with a backstory for my character already that's probably nothing like the in-game backstory. I won't change my mind on her backstory, though. So there. :D

And the remodel on our house has been continuing. The bathroom that started it all is almost finished. The painting needs to be finished, and the master bathroom is being redone as well, and then laminate flooring in the living, dining, and family rooms as well as the hall. Last of all will be a new fence along the back property line. We have a brick wall to the west and vinyl fencing was put in to the east a few years ago. The new fence will be vinyl. It'll be such a relief when it's all done. With workers here almost every day, we introverts don't get much of a chance to recharge.
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Move along if you don't care.

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I talked to both Financial Aid and Student Accounts since my previous post. By the time I actually got hold of an actual person and not an answering service, my student file was marked as eligible for financial aid, so I didn't have to worry about making a minimum payment and I could go ahead and start my class. And, after I'd been told it could take a couple weeks to get my financial aid, I got a message informing me that I've received my financial aid and just had to sign a Master Promissory Note, which I did ASAP. I nearly lost my financial aid at CalBaptist because I didn't know about that sucker. I started my first class today and I have all of my books on Kindle, so I've been having fun highlighting and making notes. AND they transfer between devices, so my highlighting shows up on my phone and vice versa (haven't figured out how to highlight on my phone yet, but my bro says he can on his, which is the same model as mine).

I haven't mentioned this, but our house is getting a makeover. It started out with Ann wanting to paint our bathroom, like we did Mom and Dad's last year. Dad knocked out part of one wall and realized that there was more damage to it by mold/rot than he could deal with. So Mom called in a company that specializes in this sort of thing and, essentially, there was a lot of mold in there because that bathroom has no windows to vent steam after our showers and the fan gets clogged with dust. So the parts of the walls with mold needed to be knocked down completely, which means the bathroom is going to be remodeled and with the loan Mom and Dad can get from the company, all of the popcorn ceiling is being removed (except for the closets) and retextured. The rooms that we haven't painted yet are going to be painted, and we'll have new flooring put in all through the house (vinyl in the main areas with carpet in the bedrooms and tile in the kitchen, laundry room, and bathrooms). Most of the painting is done now. They're now just doing the doors, and then they'll be done. The crew even came out yesterday because they want to get the job done. Because of where they were working, the whole family spent most of yesterday in the living and dining room.

My second story has been published! You can find it here. The one that I was working on that's due by Sept 15th has been finished and sent to my first readers.
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Rant ahead. Don't click the cut if you don't want to read it.

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