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It's been awhile since I updated my fanfics. I went back to work and it distracted me. For now, here's the next chapter of Smart and Sassy: Feeling Foolish.

I still welcome donations if anyone can spare the money.

In other news, it's been really hot this week. We got some rain, but all it did was make it humid as well as hot. Blah.
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Got distracted with going back to work. A new chapter of Smart and Sassy is up: Consequences of Obsession, an add-on to Double Down.

Please consider donating if you can. Even though I'm working again, my first paycheck is over a month away.
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New chapter, of course! This time it's chapter ten of Smart and Sassy, A Christmas Together. Just an almost obligatory Christmas fic.

Please consider donating if you can.
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Yep, I'm still posting these. I was house-sitting for my sister over the weekend and took a couple days for myself afterwards. Now I give you chapter nine of Smart and Sassy: My Apologies.

Please consider donating if you can.
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I had my appeals hearing yesterday. It didn’t go in my favor. Basically, according to the law, I’m considered employed because I have the reasonable assurance of returning to work in August. Therefore, I don’t qualify for unemployment, therefore I’m fucked. I don’t want to go into details, but I kind of have to here. I’m living with my parents because the job and housing market sucks. Most of my ‘bills’ is money I pay them for my part of car insurance, cell phone, etc. So they’re cutting me slack because they know I have no money to give them.

Credit card companies are less understanding. They could care less that I’m going through financial difficulty. They just want their money. I’m past due on two credit cards right now and will be past due on the third in two weeks. I’ve been asking for donations and haven’t gotten much. Thank you to the people who DID donate, but it honestly wasn’t enough. I know I’m not the only one with financial difficulties. Please, if you have just a few dollars you can donate, I would be very grateful.

TL;DR I’m getting no financial help from the government, so I’m turning to the people on Dreamwidth to help me out.
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Instead of posting a previously-written and posted story, I'm posting a brand-spanking-new story: On the Case for the daemon!au. I wanted to introduce the daemons we hadn't seen yet and the two episodes the story it's set in are two of my favorites for reasons which should be obvious by now.

Please consider donating if you can.
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New chapter of Smart and Sassy, the new chapter is Converging. It's AU because we find out later that Megan STILL hasn't gotten a ride in Larry's car, which is a shame because it's BEAUTIFUL.

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I'm remembering to post! Yay! Anyway, the next chapter of the Smart and Sassy story is up: Earthquake!. This is the first AU chapter. The rest are AU as well, for various reasons. Mainly because they were written before we had all of the data about Larry and Megan's relationship.

Please donate if you can.
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I meant to post links to my stories on here as I posted them, but I plain forgot. So, some quick links:

Alphabet Soup: ficlets written for the Summer Alphabet Challenge that was hosted on the By the Numb3rs website, which no longer exists. All are Larry/Megan and last three chapters are a mini fic.

Daemons at CalSci and in the FBI: my daemon!au of Numb3rs. Posting these got me interested in writing more, so I may have a new chapter to put up soon-ish. Larry/Megan and Charlie/Colby.

Smart and Sassy: I'm in the progressing of posting all of the chapters for this. They're actually fics that I wrote individually, but they work well as a whole. The featured pairing here is Larry/Megan.

That's all the fics that I've posted since my last entry. I will try to be better about posting links here. It's been awhile since I've used a journal at all.

Please consider donating if you can. Thank you!
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posted by [personal profile] jestana at 06:46pm on 26/12/2014
I feel like crap today. Luckily, I was fine yesterday and the day before. My twin, who moved out in July, spent the night Wednesday night (and brought her dog), so we had a lovely family Christmas. My parents gave me a check, figuring that'd be easier than trying to figure out what I'd want (I wasn't sure what I wanted!). A friend gave me a shirt that said 'I'm not lazy. I'm energy efficient'. XD She also gave me a scarf and socks. My twin gave me a $15 iTunes gift card. I haven't bought anything yet, but I redeemed it at least. Another friend and I are going to try to arrange to see each other sometime soon so she can give me my birthday/Christmas present.

In terms of my Master's degree, I bombed my November class (just flat-out froze and stopped doing the work), but passed my December class. My thesis class is scheduled for February and I'll re-take the November class in May (which I WILL pass!). I applied for graduation, which is on hold until I complete those last two classes. The commencement ceremony will be in June and my diploma will be conferred in July (at the earliest, given that I have that class in May). This is also means that I likely won't start teaching until August of 2016. When I mentioned that to my twin, she suggested that I consider substitute teaching. That way I have experience as a teacher (not a tutor) to put on my resume when I actually apply to community colleges for teaching positions. I can't do anything at the moment, since all the schools are on Christmas break, but I will contact the local school district about applying to be a substitute teacher in the new year.

I'm sorry I didn't do Christmas fics this year. My brain was mush from working on stuff for my class this month. I hope everyone had a great holiday and has a happy new year.
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